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End_of_WS.JPG"One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil"
¬ Friedrich Nietzsche

Our project depends on students' support and engagement. We believe that students often raise interesting questions and bring new ideas to the fore. Thus, our team actively seeks students to engage with our project. How can you engage with our project?

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Write your thesis with our project
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Seminars in Progress:

» currently no seminars in progress

Upcoming seminars:

» currently no upcoming seminars

Completed seminars:

TransRe Short Course: "Does Migration Move You? The impacts of climate change on migration and the concepts, methods, and policies behind them.”  (Chiang Mai, Summer Term 2015)

Recent natural disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013 and the Great Flood in Thailand in 2011 have shown the severe consequences of increasingly common extreme climatic events on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. Climate change will not only impact daily life, but also may result in new and trying challenges, such as increased migration, conflicts, and humanitarian crises. The official UN organization established to combat climate change (UNFCCC) has recognized that these issues require urgent action. At the same time, international organizations (e.g. IOM, UNHCR), national governments, and a growing research community have intensified their engagement in the issue. What have they learned? What kinds of policies have they come up with? And will this be enough?. The short course will explore the impacts of climate change, using the relationship between climate change and migration as a focal point. The objective is to introduce the participants to the issue and give an overview on a conceptual, methodological, and policy-oriented level.

Download: Short course program

Seminar (Nr.: 641095005): Vertiefungsseminar "Umwelt und Migration" (MA Geography, Bonn, WS 2014/15; Patrick Sakdapolrak)

Nicht erst seit zerstörerischen Wirbelstürmen wie Katrina oder Sandy wird auf allen Ebenen der Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft eine kontroverse Debatte über die Folgen des Klimawandels geführt. "Umweltflüchtlinge" gelten dabei als Ikone der nahenden Katastrophe. Wie der Vorsitzende des Weltklimarats Rajendra Pachauri es ausdrückt, sind sie "das menschliche Antlitz des Klimawandels". Verkörpert in menschlichen Schicksalen machen "Umweltflüchtlinge", jenseits von abstrakten Indikatoren und Prognosen, die Folgen des Klimawandels greifbar und gesellschaftlich sichtbar. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Debatte bietet das Seminar einen Überblick über den aktuellen Diskussionsstand und ermöglicht es den Teilnehmern, kritisch über das komplexe Verhältnis von Umwelt und Migration zu reflektieren. Im Fokus steht dabei nicht nur die Umwelt als Push-Faktor für Migration, sondern die gesamte Bandbreite des komplexen wechselseitigen Verhältnisses von Umwelt und Migration.



Screenshot_2.jpgIf you have an interesting topic for your BA or MA thesis that is related to the topics of our project, feel free to propose your ideas to us. You can write us an e-mail. However, sometimes we have open topics for thesis, which will be published here: 

Open BA thesis topics:

» Klimaflüchtlinge im Mediendiskurs im Globalen Süden

» Auswertung von Leserkommentaren bei Medienbeiträgen zum Thema Klimaflüchtlinge/Umweltmigration – Die Kluft zwischen wissenschaftlicher Diskussion, öffentlicher Debatte und politischer Meinungsmache

» 'Translocal Art' - translokale Street-Art in Köln

Open MA thesis topics:

» The effects of return migration from Israel. Case study from Khon Kean, Thailand 

→ All theses can be written in German or English 

Theses in Progress

» There are currently no open MA theses in progress

Completed Theses

Köppler, M. (2015): Kleinbäuerlicher Zuckerrohranbau in Kakamega, Kenia. Lokale Handlungsweisen und Wahrnehmungen unter Einfluss eines globalisierten Zuckermarktes (MA)

Pfizenmayer, M. (2015): Urban Street Food Governance. Eine empirische Untersuchung zum migrantischen Straßenhandel in Berlin (MA)

Hornung, M. (2014): Gelebte und erlebte Pfade der Heiratsmigration - eine translokale Spurensuche zwischen Thailand und Deutschland (MA)

Lamche, A. (2014): "Translocal street"- eine qualitative Analyse der Wahrnehmung und Bewertung von Repräsentationen Thailands im Kölner Straßenbild (BA)


Get Involved

Become a Student Assistant

We accept applications for student assistants on a rolling basis, but most actively during the academic semesters. TransRe believes in developing a student’s practical and hands on working experience within a research/academic setting. Student assistants are usually assigned tasks on the following:

  • Research—ad hoc assistance will be given to the principal investigator, Patrick Sakdapolrak, and the rest of the team members on issues relating to the environment, migration, adaptation, and resilience

  • Blog—intermittently writing a blog post on a variety of topics of your choice. We encourage student assistants to pitch ideas to our editor

  • Administrative duties—this would revolve around making copies, taking notes during meetings and/or events, editing the website, and helping with event planning

  • Editing/graphics—working papers and fact sheets will need to be formatted within set templates. We also often ask our student assistants to design graphics for presentations and/or publications

To apply: You must be a Bachelor’s or Master’s student at the University of Bonn, preferably within the Department of Geography. A background in research, administrative work, and/or event planning is desired. An interest in issues relating to the environment, migration, and resilience, and how they interact, would be an advantage. Fluency in the English language is required.


Research Assistants in Thailand

From time to time, our team members put out an open call for research assistants (RAs) who help with translating and organizing our research in Thailand. The positions will be posted here and on other platforms, such as the website ThaiNGO and Facebook.


» There are currently no open positions at this time



The aim of our blog is to bring new information, research, and concepts, among others, to a diverse public audience, including policymakers, practitioners, and students, in an open and accessible way. We write on a variety of topics, including but not limited to, the environment, migration, and resilience. Towards this goal, we actively encourage any interested parties to send us blog post ideas related to these topics. If you’d like to be a contributor, please write our blog editor, Kayly Ober.


Social Media

TransRe seeks to be a part of external dialogue through various mediums, including Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to follow us on both and engage with us there.

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We are a BMBF supported research group seeking to decipher the relationships between migration, translocality, and social resilience to climate change in Thailand. Our working group is based at the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn, Germany. Get to know our team...




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