Sopon Naruchaikusol

Research Associate / PhD Candidate


Department of Geography, Bonn University
Meckenheimer Allee 166
D-53115 Bonn

Meckenheimer Allee 176,
3. Floor, Room 3.009

Tel.: +49.(0)228.73-60218

Consultation hours: on appointment
Social media: facebook - researchgate - academia - mendeley

Biography | Research interests | PhD Dissertation | Publications


I have 10 years of professional research and development working experience in disaster risk management, vulnerability assessment, climate change adaptation, community based natural resources management, resources and environmental economics, and wetlands management in the lower Mekong basin. I have an MSc in Resources Management (Interdisciplinary Programme) from Kasetsart University and a BA in Economics (International Trade) from The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. I am currently a research associate in the TransRe Project and PhD candidate at Department of Geography, University of Bonn. Before joining the TransRe Project, I worked as a research associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute - Asia, and outreach officer at IUCN - the World Conservation Union. In the TransRe project, I am responsible for a sub-project on rural livelihoods and translocal resilience.

Research Interests

Conceptual : vulnerability, resilience, climate change adaptation, scenario development, translocality
Thematic : risks & livelihood vulnerability, community-based natural resources management 
Regional : Southeast Asia and Lower Mekong Basin (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam)

PhD Dissertation

Understanding household livelihoods vulnerability to climate-related risks: A comparative study in rural Thailand read more ...


Beckman, M., Naruchaikusol, S., and Thi My Van, N. (2015): Upland Development, Climate Risk, and Institutional Conditions for Adaptation in Thailand and Vietnam. Climate and Development. 

Lebel, L., Naruchaikusol, S., and Junthopas, M. (2014) Transboundary Flows of Resources, People, Goods, and Services in the Mekong Region. Climate Risks, Regional Integration and Sustainability in the Mekong Region. Lebel, L., Hoanh, C.T., Krittasudthacheewa, C., and Daniel, R., Eds. Vinlin Press Sdn Bhd, Selangor, Malaysia.

Naruchaikusol, S., Beckman M., and Mochizuki, J. (2013) Disaster response and adaptive capacity of upland communities in the face of increasing climate risk: A discussion of changing livelihoods, land use, and natural-resources management in Northern Thailand (IRDR Technical Report No.1). IRDR International Centre of Excellence – Taipei. 

Krittasudthacheewa, C., Polpanich, O., Bush, A., Srikuta, P., Kemp-Benedict, E., Inmuong, Y., Inmuong, U., Featherston, P., Eagleton, G., Naruchaikusol, S., Pravalprukskul, P., and Krawanchid, D. (2012) Final Report for the Northeast Thailand Futures: A Local Study of the Exploring Mekong Region Futures Project.  Report submitted to Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Polpanich, O., Naruchaikusol, S., and Osbeck, M.. (2012) Balancing the need for food vs energy – A study on land use changes in Thailand. Stockholm Environment Institute.

Juntopas M., and Naruchaikusol, S. (2010) Rural Water Supply and Decentralisation in Thailand: The Challenges of Improving Coverage and Water Quality at Commune and Village Levels. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Providing Sustainable Water Services at Scale Rural Water Services (13 - 15 April, 2010). Kampala, Uganda

Mikhail M., Fencl, A., Naruchaikusol, S., and Kemp-Benedict, E. (2010) Innovation and Diffusion of Sustainable Agricultural Water Resource Management in a Changing Climate: A Case Study in Northeast Thailand. Boston: Stockholm Environment Institute. 

Polpanich O., Naruchaikusol, S., and Osbeck, M. (2010) An Increasing Competition of Food Crops and Energy Crops in Thailand: A Case Study in Karaket Sub-district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Bangkok: Stockholm Environment Institute, Asia

Calgaro, E., Naruchaikusol, S., and Pongponrat, K. (2009) Comparative Destination Vulnerability Assessment for Khao Lak, Patong Beach and Phi Phi Don. Bangkok: Stockholm Environment Institute, Asia.

Thomalla, F.,  Metusela, C., Naruchaikusol, S., Klocker Larsen, R., Tepa, C. (2009) Disaster Risk Reduction and Tsunami Early Warning Systems in Thailand: a case study on Krabi Province. Research Report, Stockholm Environment Institute, Macquarie University, Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, and Raks Thai Foundation.

Thomalla F., Larsen, R.K., Kanji, F., Naruchaikusol, S., Tepa, C., Ravesloot, B., and Ahmed, A.K. (2009) A Participatory Assessment of the Enabling Conditions for Strengthening the Technology – Community Linkages of Tsunami Early Warning Systems in the Indian Ocean. Bangkok: Stockholm Environment Institute, Asia.

Working Papers/ Fact Sheets

Naruchaikusol, S. (2016): Climate Change and its impact in Thailand. A short overview on actual and potential impacts of the changing climate in Southeast Asia, TransRe Fact Sheet No. 2, Department of Geography, University of Bonn, Bonn.

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We are a BMBF supported research group seeking to decipher the relationships between migration, translocality, and social resilience to climate change in Thailand. Our working group is based at the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn, Germany. Get to know our team...



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