Conference: Adaptation in Motion

05.-07.09.2018 | Bonn

Before the Translocal Resilience Project / TransRe: Environment, Migration, Resilience will be coming to an end in October 2018, we will host a closing conference on Climate Change, Migration and Resilience from 5th – 7th September in Bonn. The conference “Adaptation in Motion - Climate Change, Migration and Resilience” aims at creating a forum for scientific exchange on the nexus of environment, migration, and resilience, bringing together scholars from different disciplines and fields of research (risk and vulnerability studies, migration studies, climate change adaptation, etc.). It will include discussing the findings of the TransRe project ( and putting them into the context of current discourses of climate, migration, and adaptation/resilience.


Climate change is already influencing migration and population movements – and will do so in future. Two perspectives on the nexus of migration and climate change have emerged: On the one hand, much policy and research attention is directed to climate change as a cause for migration, and for potential conflicts and humanitarian crises that may result. On the other hand, the notion of “migration as adaptation” has opened up a more positive view, recognizing migrants’ agency and potential contribution to adaptation to environmental risks.

Migration, climate change, vulnerability, and resilience are linked in multi-causal and multi-directional ways. Acknowledging this complexity and the diversity of perspectives allows us to address important questions, for example how migration can contribute to the reduction of vulnerability in general, and to climate change adaptation in particular; or to the conditions and reasons why migration has adverse consequences, in social and ecological terms; or how climate change and development policy can possibly benefit from an integration of the topic of migration; or to broader issues of human rights, climate equity, and justice. Given the increasing uptake of such topics in science and policy discourses, it seems that the whole debate around “migration as adaptation” is in motion.

The conference will be comprised of papers selected through an open call. Attention will be given to interactive formats for critically evaluating and discussing the findings and presentations.


Key Lectures

The keynotes will be presented by Professor Lori Hunter (University of Colorado) and Professor Robert McLeman (Wilfrid Laurier University). Learn more about the speakers and their talks here.


Panel Discussion


Alarmist voices  predict climate change to result in several hundred million „climate refugees“. What are such estimates based on? Who is a „climate refugee“ and how are climate change and migration interlinked? Where are all these people headed? And how should we approach climate migration in the future, both from a research and a policy angle?

Entrance is free, no registration necessary.

Speakers will include:

  • Lori Hunter (University of Boulder, Colorado)
  • Patrick Sakdapolrak (Vienna University)
  • N.N. (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development - BMZ/ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ)
  • N.N. (NGO - to be confirmed)
  • Benjamin Schraven (German Development Institute - DIE/GIE) (Moderator/Facilitation)
Venue: Fritz Café, An der Schloßkirche 4, 53113 Bonn.



More than 20 presentations will build the core of the conference. Find the final conference program here.


The conference will start with an open panel discussion at 7pm on Wednesday, 5th September and will be closed around 4pm on Friday, 7th September.



Photo Exhibition: Work Men on the Move


"These photos give a unique and unseen insight into the harsh but also joyful moments of migrant workers in Singapore." - Simon A. Peth


A selection of the photo exhibition will be displayed at the lobby of the venue and you can also watch the exhibition online.




Bonn University
Meckenheimer Allee 176,
53115 Bonn, Germany

Conference | Adaptation in Motion: #Migration #Environment #ClimateChange #Resilience hosted by @TransReProject in Bonn, Germany


PRESENTATION | TransRe Overview & Subprojects (Speed Talk Sessions)

Conference: Adaptation in Motion - TransRe Closing Conference
Publication Date: September 2018
Author/Speaker: Patrick Sakdapolrak, Sopon Naruchaikusol, Till Rockenbauch, Luise Porst, Simon A. Peth, Kayly Ober
File Download: Click here (PDF)

PRESENTATION | Marshall Islands Climate and Migration Project

Conference: Adaptation in Motion - TransRe Closing Conference
Publication Date: September 2018
Author/Speaker: Kees van der Geest
File Download: Click here (PDF)

POSTER | The Need for Transformational Adaptation Strategies in the Context of an Adaptive Approach to Human Migration Caused by Global Climate Change

Conference: Adaptation in Motion - TransRe Closing Conference
Publication Date: September 2018
Author/Speaker: Grant Dawson
File Download: Click here (PDF)

PRESENTATION | Migration, Housing & Risk: Diverse Outcomes in Southern Italy

Conference: Adaptation in Motion - TransRe Closing Conference
Publication Date: September 2018
Author/Speaker: Eleonora Guadagno, Lorenzo Guadagno
File Download: Click here (PDF)

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