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Adaptation in Motion - Trans|Re Closing Conference / 05.-07.09.2018, Bonn, Germany

Before the Translocal Resilience Project / TransRe: Environment, Migration, Resilience will be coming to an end in October 2018, we will host a closing conference on Climate Change, Migration and Resilience from 5th - 9th September in Bonn.
The conference “Adaptation in Motion - Climate Change, Migration and Resilience” aims at creating a forum for scientific exchange on the nexus of environment, migration, and resilience, bringing together scholars from different disciplines and fields of research (risk and vulnerability studies, migration studies, climate change adaptation, etc.). It will include discussing the findings of the TransRe project ( and putting them into the context of current discourses of climate, migration, and adaptation/resilience.

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Rural Futures in South East Asia / 1.08.-02.08.2018, Bangkok, Thailand

This conference, which is co-organized by the TransRe project, the IPSR/Mahidol University and the มูลนิธิรักษ์ไทย : Raks Thai Foundation, aims at creating a forum for scientific exchange at the nexus of environment, migration, and development (including adaptation and resilience), bringing together scholars from different disciplines and fields of research (risk and vulnerability studies, migration studies, climate change adaptation, development studies, agriculture, etc.).
The conference is to take place on 31.07.-02.08.2018 in Bangkok.
It will include discussing the findings of the Trans|Re project ( and putting them into the context of other studies.

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Migration for Adaptation Guidebook Launch / 28.02.2018

On February 28th, the TransRe project together with the Raks Thai Foundation officially presented their new guidebook "Migration for Adaptation. A Guidebook for Integrating Migration and
Translocality into Community-Based Adaptation." in Bangkok.




Adaptation in Motion Side Event at COP23 (UN Climate Change Conference) / 14.11.2017

We were an Official Climate Partner at the World Climate Conference in November 2017 (COP23) that took place in Bonn.

Our side-event “Adaptation in Motion” critically discussed under which conditions migration and population movement can contribute to climate change adaptation, and derived policy recommendations. Speakers included Vanessa Lueck, Arizona State University [USA]; Patrick Sakdapolrak, University of Vienna [Austria]; Cosmin Corendea, UNU-EHS [Germany]; Kees van der Geest, UNU-EHS [Germany]; Mariam Traoré-Chazalnoel, IOM [Switzerland]; Moderation by Benjamin Schraven, DIE [Germany]

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German Congress for Geography | Geographentag / 30.09. - 05.10. 2017, Tübingen, Germany

As in 2016, the TransRe Team contributed to the variety of panel discussions and presentations on state-of-the-art research at this year's German Congress for Geography.

Harald Sterly, Patrick Sakdapolrak, Simon Peth and Till Rockenbauch presented on the most recent developments within their research on translocality, migration and human-environment interrelations, as well as got inspired by many interesting contributions by their colleagues from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and beyond.




COP22 / 10. 11. 2016, Marrakesh, Marokko


Harald Sterly, Project Coordinator, and Kayly Ober, Research Associate, visited the Conference of the Parties (COP22) in Marrakesh, Morocco representing the the TransRe Project and the University of Bonn. “COP22 gets less attention than the COP21 in Paris, but the results presented there will be just as important. This is the COP that will focus on loss and damage, where countries will determine if displacement and migration issues may indeed be a part of compensation issues,” said Kayly Ober.




Data Analysis Workshop Pilot Projects / 27. ‐ 28. 10. 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Summer School / 05.10.2016, Geographisches Institut, Universität Bonn, Germany

Module “Migration,Translokalität und Entwicklung“, as part of the „Sommerschule Geographische Perspektiven auf Entwicklung“ (03. ‐ 06. 10. 2016).


Mid-Term Conference / 29. - 30. 09. 2016, Bonn, Germany


"Connecting the Dots - Migration, Environment, Resilience"

Find presentations here.



International Geographical Congress (IGC2016) / 21. - 25. 08. 2016, Bejing, China


Themed "Shaping our harmonious world", the 33rd International Geographical Congress took place in Beijing, China, in August this year. Among the roughly2000 participants, the Development Geography section of the Department of Geography was represented as well. Two PhD candidates, Till Rockenbauch and Luise Porst from the Trans|Re project, had the opportunity to discuss their work with colleagues from all over the world and get insights into their perspectives.Till Rockenbauch shared insights of his research on Translocal Social Networks in the context of Climate Related Risks in Rural Northeastern Thailand, while Luise Porst presented her study of Gendered remittance practices and their implications for translocal social resilience pertaining to internal migration in Thailand.

Find presentations here.

Policy‐Event Bangkok / 05. 08. 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

Toolkit Training Workshop / 03. ‐ 04. 08. 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Summer School / 26. ‐ 27.07.2016, Mahidol University, Salaya/Bangkok, Thailand

Does Climate Change Move You? Understanding the linkages of migration and climate change and the concepts, methods, and policies behind them.“


Toolkit Planning Workshop / 30. 05. 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand



German Congress for Geography / 01. - 06. 10. 2015, Berlin, Germany

TransRe and RCR team members participated in this year’s German Congress for Geography (DKG) in Berlin. Surrounded by blissful golden autumn sun and a festive atmosphere accompanying the 25th anniversary of German Reunification, geographers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond met at Humboldt University in Berlin to present and discuss state-of-the-art research and outline further developments in our discipline to tackle challenges of human-environment interaction in the 21stcentury.



Summer School / 22. ‐ 26. 06. 2015, Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Does Climate Change Move You?
Understanding climate impacts on  migration and the concepts, methods, and policies behind them." On 22-26 June, fifteen participants from diverse countries, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, and Greece, attended this course in Chiang Mai. The event was organized by TransRe, Raks Thai Foundation (CARE Thailand), and the Center for Agricultural Resource System Research (CARSR), Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University; co-sponsored by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM); and supported by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).



1. Toolkit Development Workshop / 16. - 18. 04. 2015



Project Launch Bankok / 31. 07. 2014 , Thailand

Find presentations here.


Kick-Off Workshop / 5. - 9. 05. 2014, Bonn, Germany



TransRe & RCR Winterschool / 9. - 13. 12. 2013, Bonn, Germany

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