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Wanted: A Plan of Action on Climate Migration

Delegates say the challenge of climate change-induced migration was conspicuously  absent from the COP23 negotiations. What are the key issues that need addressing and what role does the migration-as-adaptation concept play? This article by Benjamin Bathke answers these questions, relating to the TransRe COP23 side-event "Adaptation in Motion".

¬ Devex Article (November 2017)


Universität Bonn auf der Weltklimakonferenz vertreten

Geographers from the University of Bonn are represented the 22nd UN Climate Conference (COP 22) in Marrakech. As one of only three German universities, the members of the TransRe project were able to present the results of their work on 10th November at their own information stand.

¬ Universität Bonn Pressemitteilung (November 2016)


Lässt der Klimawandel die Menschen wandern? (by Patrick Sakdapolrak)

“The overemphasis on the factor of climate change is misleading and distracts from actual immediate causes. This applies to Syria as well as to other conflict regions”, Patrick Sakdapolrak states. In his guest contribution, he sheds light on future migration flows and its potentials in the context of climate change.

¬ Universität Wien Medienportal (June 2016)

Auf der Flucht vor dem Klimawandel (by Joachim Wille)

Drawing on the example of Ioane Teitiota, a man asking for asylum in New Zealand on the grounds of changing sea level rise in his home country Kiribati, the article, which refers to Patrick Sakdapolrak's research, deals with the changing environment and so-called "climate refugees".

¬ Frankfurter Rundschau (December 2015)

TransRe and IOM to enhance cooperation

In their January Issue, the Environmental Migration Portal, a "Knowledge Platform on People on the Move in a Changing Climate", highlights the newly fortified collaboration between TransRe and IOM.

¬ Environmental Migration Portal Newsletter (January 2016)

The links between climate change and migration

The relationship between climate change and migration is much more subtle and complex than 'clickbait' headlines suggest, write Kayly Ober and Patrick Sakdapolrak, in their article for chinadialogue.

¬ chinadialogue (December 2015)


Mass migration is no 'crisis': it's the new normal as the climate changes (by Ellie Mae O'Hagan)

"Migration as adaption" (2014) by Kayly Ober quoted about ways to respond to migration in the discussion about climate change, conflicts and mass migration to Western Europe.

¬ The Guardian (August 2015)


Los deplazados ambientales están entre nosotros (by Jaqueline Fowks)

Kayly Ober was quoted (page 55-56) on the complications, both empirically and politically, on precisely predicting the number of future climate migrants.
TransRe Factsheet No. 1 was also cited.

¬ PODER Enterprise (December 2014)


Patrick Sakdapolrak im Porträt – Ein Forschungsprojekt über die Zusammenhänge von Migration und Klimawandel.

"Patrick Sakdapolrak hat 2010 am Geographischen Institut der Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn promoviert. Für seine Dissertation "Orte und Räume der Health Vulnerability. Bourdieus Theorie der Praxis für die Analyse von Krankheit und Gesundheit in megaurbanen Slums von Chennai, Südindien" erhielt er 2011 den "KfW-Förderpreis für exzellente praxisrelevante Entwicklungsforschung". Seit Oktober 2013 leitet er eine Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe für Migration und Umwelt in Bonn." Read more...

¬ Bonn Sustainability Portal (May 2014)

7b355796546f7acfc7dae2af739bb1ec_f109.png"Bonner Geograph lotet aus, wie Migranten ihrer Heimat helfen können"

"Bonn. Inwieweit können Migranten ihren Heimatregionen helfen, Herausforderungen des Klimawandels besser zu bewältigen? Ein Forschungsprojekt des Geographischen Instituts der Universität Bonn untersucht diesen Zusammenhang und lotet die Chancen am Beispiel von Thailand aus..." Read more...

¬ Bonner General Anzeiger (Dec. 2013)

5dbe1f3a80c9f8e45519ed4eb71fa0ea_f110.png "Kampf gegen Armut ist wichtig", Patrick Sakdapolrak im Interview

"Der Massen-Tod der Flüchtlinge aus Afrika im Mittelmeer hat jüngst die Öffentlichkeit geschockt. Welchen Anteil hat eine verschärfte Umweltsituation in den Herkunftsländern an der Entscheidung der Menschen, ihre Heimat zu verlassen? Die Hauptursache für die Flucht nach Europa, also über Ländergrenzen hinweg, war auch in diesem Fall ganz klar die soziale und politische Situation in den Herkunftsländern. Umweltveränderungen sind zwar oft mit ein Grund, den Heimatort zu verlassen, sie führen aber..." Read more...

¬ Frankfurter Rundschau (Nov. 2013)


Press Releases

bb5e005cf541dd1ec581e03a75eff7b9_f381.png "University of Bonn: TransRe Launches Official Website"

"On 10 November 2014, the “Building resilience through translocality. Climate change, migration and social resilience of rural communities in Thailand” (TransRe) Project launched its official website, A little more than one year ago, this BMBF-supported, Uni Bonn-based research group began with the aim to offer a fresh perspective on the environment-migration nexus. Through various mediums, including scientific articles, working papers, and social media, TransRe seeks to..." Read more...

¬ Bonn Sustainability Portal (November 2014)

fa7ff38eb00f352b960356bc86bf23dd_f380.png"Bonn University: TransRe Project on „Building Resilience through Translocality, Climate Change, Migration and Social Resilience of Rural Communities in Thailand“ now started"

"Project Outline

Climate change and migration are drawing increasing interest from researchers and policy makers, as well as from the general public. Much attention has been given to climate change as a push factor contributing to migration, and to the potential conflicts and humanitarian crises that may result. The proposed project offers a fresh perspective on the climate change-migration nexus. It starts from the assumption that, regardless of the accuracy of the projections of future environmental changes, migration is already occurring and will continue to be a major dynamic of global change. Migration is connecting people..." Read more...

 ¬ Bonn Sustainability Portal (April 2014)

af832bb18e167c64b4810e8c01707dc5_f111.png "Hilft Migration, den Klimawandel besser zu meistern?" Press Release, University of Bonn

"Inwieweit können Migranten ihren Heimatregionen helfen, Herausforderungen des Klimawandels besser zu bewältigen? Ein Forschungsprojekt des Geographischen Instituts der Universität Bonn untersucht diesen Zusammenhang und lotet die Chancen am Beispiel von Thailand aus. Das Bundesforschungsministerium fördert das Vorhaben in den nächsten vier Jahren mit insgesamt 1,9 Millionen Euro..." Read more...

 ¬ Pressestelle der Universität Bonn (Nov. 2013)



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